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Voucher valid for the course Australian Menu degustation and a signature cocktail on arrival per person. Available sittings: Tuesday - Friday: pm or pm. Valid for set menu only - no exchanges permitted. Menu items are subject to change. Voucher valid for dine-in only. Limit of one voucher may be purchased for personal use; multiples may be purchased as gifts. Maximum of one voucher redeemable per booking.

Vouchers for this offer are limited and subject to availability. Not valid with any other offer. Entire voucher value must be used in one visit. Any unused portion will be forfeited if not redeemed. Full terms and conditions are located on the terms and conditions page of our website. Enter your details and once complete, a booking confirmation will be sent to your email. If purchasing via our app or booking at a later time, please head to our website and go to 'My Account' to complete your booking.

You must notify the venue of special seating requests at time of booking however, cannot be guaranteed.

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Trust us, you and your dining crew will be more than satisfied but make sure to leave room for dessert think nashi pear granita and coconut rice cream. The fanciest of degustations along Kensington Street, Automata, in the Old Clare Hotel, offers an everchanging three, five and seven-course menu built on local, seasonal produce, executed with European flair. With that huge saving, treat yourself and order a bottle from the wine list- go on, you deserve it. Available from Monday to Friday between pm, the menu features classics and favourites including minute steak and wagyu burgers, plus a complimentary beverage.

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Make a booking at 5. Meaning blank canvas, Blanca showcases a flavour-filled romance between European ingredients and Japanese cooking. With a hat to its name, Chin Chin provides the ultimate destination for lively dinners. Everything in this trendy Asian-fusion palace is intoxicating, and their inventive take on Thai cuisine is the icing on the cake. The menu is extensive and full of hero dishes, making the decision process a tough one. Sitchu tip: don't be discouraged by the queues, the wait is well worth it. From the Hiromasa kingfish crudo, to the bottoni filled with parmigiano Reggiano, your tastebuds and wallet will be thanking you.

Their take on Mediterranean flavours with a strong focus on Greek food , along with a smattering of dishes cooked over wood and charcoal, is out of this world. And indulgent. Equal parts playful and chic, Cho Cho San is where the cool kids go for Japanese. With ten tantalising dishes to try, starting with the salt and vinegar seaweed crisp and ending with black sesame ice-cream mochi, be sure to pace yourself to get a taste of each dish.

However, should you prefer your steak to be cooked differently, please advise your waiter. We only cook meat in its natural state or dry-aged.

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At Prime Steak House in Sydney, we do not wet age our beef as wet-aged beef matures in its own blood, leaving an acidic aftertaste. Instead, we only cook and serve the meat from its natural state or dry-aged which intensifies the natural meat flavours. Prime Steak Restaurant in Sydney offers the most extensive a la carte steak menu of any fine dining restaurant in the world, including 18 different premium steaks from the top Australian beef producers.

For those on a time limit, our menu also highlights express steaks which can be cooked within 30 minutes. For those wanting to share a steak, Prime Steak House in Sydney offers a 1. Our innovative desserts, ice creams, gelato and sorbets change with the seasons and are handmade by our awarded in-house Pastry Chef. In , Prime Steak Restaurant introduced the world's first premium, seven course meat-only degustation menu to complement their award-winning a la carte menu.

The highest quality cuts fillet, sirloin and scotch with supreme marbling, texture and flavour were hand-selected for a unique seven-course tasting journey through Australia's best steaks. Simple meals digest the best and protein is the only one food that chemically breaks down in the stomach, so our degustation menu is optimum for nutrition and digestion and is known as the best degustion in Sydney. All of our meat is MSA graded, hormone and growth proponent free, and grilled to order in a unique way to caramelise the outside without burning or charring the steak.

Each steak is rested under a heat lamp for half its cooking time to further relax the meat fibres and accentuate the rich and juicy flavour of the meat. Angus Hereford-Yearling Our Angus-Hereford Yearlings have been raised on grass for about 9 months and then finished on a grain diet for a superior and consistent product.


Prime selects each steak based on characteristics such as colour, marbling, pH balance and weight to ensure we offer you an exceptional product every time. As Yearlings are younger they offer a more tender steak option however this younger product has a less beefy flavour. Black Angus Our premium Black Angus beef is fully matured and at 3O months offers a more intense beef flavour and is a juicier steak with more marbling than our Angus-Hereford Yearling. Our grain-fed Black Angus steaks are generally rich and soft, resulting in an intense burst of flavour when the juices are released.

By contrast, our grass-fed Black Angus steaks are hand-selected for marbling and provide an intense beefy flavour with a long, clean after taste. Wagyu Wagyu beef is generally regarded as the highest grade and tastiest beef in the world. The marbling of Wagyu beef is the prime characteristic that contributes to its tenderness, juiciness and most importantly its flavour. The highest grade of Wagyu has a marbling score of 12 and can only be graded to that level in Japan.

Themed 11-Course Chef-Hatted Degustation with Cocktails

While other breeds of cattle are not given a marbling score, it can be said for comparative reasons that other breeds of cattle such as Angus and Hereford have a maximum marbling score of 3. The Japanese preference, however, is for F1 crosses to be between Wagyu and Holstein Cattle, which is the particular breed we have chosen for your enjoyment in Prime.

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  • The dry ageing process involves hanging the meat on the bone for 4 to 6 weeks in a temperature and humidity-controlled cool room to break down and tenderise the fibres in the meat. By contrast, the wet ageing process utilises vacuum-sealed plastic bags, which does not develop the same concentration of flavours and tends to produce an acidic taste as the meat is aged in its own juices. Grain Fed vs Grass Fed Grass or forage plant leaves and stems feeding results in fuller flavoured beef than grain fed beef, as plants contain odorous substances including chlorophyll, which cattle convert into chemicals called terpenes, relatives of the aroma compounds found in many herbs and spices.

    The 15 Best Places with a Tasting Menu in Sydney

    On the other hand, grain fed beef is not as full flavoured or as healthy an option as grass-fed beef but offers much greater consistency and tenderness. Prime Steak Restaurant in Sydney specialises in premium cuts from Australia's best beef producers. As such, in this example, we only use the centre cut pieces of the tenderloin and sirloin to ensure we provide you with the ultimate experience.